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Every regular citizen is entitled to a civil pension from birth to death. For persons
Ineligible and minors are recruited and managed by a legal representative.
- Misuse of civil pension for purposes other than those listed is punishable by loss
the right to a civil pension, by withdrawing the right to administer another civil pension, where appropriate
criminal penalties for embezzlement or other intentional or negligent criminal offenses.
- A person who violates the Constitution or the criminal law or the obligation to raise his children to care
parents, relatives lose the right to a civil pension permanently or for the duration of the conviction. O
the withdrawal of a civil pension is decided by a court or a competent state authority.

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The civil account cannot be compared to projects with a similar name as unconditional income
or a civilian salary that already exists in the world.
- According to our proposal, the civil account is paid as a share of the monthly state profit
budget and does not constitute a debt to either the citizen or the state.
- Unconditional incomes and civil wages in the world are being introduced by the banking economy as
salary from the state to the citizen, but from the negative state budget, ie to the national debt to
investors, ie banks.
- These variants create government debt, which the state must collect back on taxes and wages, by which
in fact, it owes the citizen directly and indirectly. Not our Civic Pension.

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